additive learners: allotropic pervade

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developmentally inappropriate’ for young learners, that is, far beyond their current capabilities. Attributions of developmental constraints have been made by Collis (1975), Kucheman (1981), MacGregor (2001), Filloy and Rojano (1989), and Herscovics and Linchevski (1994), among others.

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additive learners: allotropic pervade This study found most significant factors associated with reading literacy at learner-level, but this does not mean that the existence of teacher- and school-level factors is not of importance. While some explanatory factors at learner-level can more easily become the target of reading interventions, the higher level effect of the classroom and school are not diminished by this study.

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Grade 5 learners in south african primary schools who participated in PIRLS 2006 were not able to achieve satisfactory levels of reading competence. The gravity of this finding is exacerbated by the fact that these learners were tested in the language in which they had been receiving instruction during the Foundation Phase of schooling.

Preparing and Submitting scope. mededportal invites educators to submit generalizable educational materials that have been implemented with target learners with the aim of helping to improve patient care. The learners must include training or practicing physicians or dentists (e.g., professional school, residency, faculty development, continuing professional development) and may include.

As such, they are part of a system in which they, too, are learners. In such a system (community of learners) teachers are required to generate new understandings and knowledge, and need to collaborate with others, such as teacher educators, researchers, parents and members of their communities in order to change the curriculum.

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