Although Windows Remote Desktop is useful, hackers can exploit it to gain control of your system to install malware or steal personal information. It’s a good idea to keep the feature turned off unless you need it. You can disable it easily – and you should unless you need the service.

We have set the startup typ of the remote registry service to automatic and started the service. But after a reboot the startup type of the remote registry service change back to disabled, which prevents the start of Dfs Service. We can do this again and again, but after a reboot the remote registry service is disabled.

To stop the remote registry service and set it to the disabled state, from the Windows 7 command prompt, type: sc \\remote-computer stop RemoteRegistry sc \\ remote-computer config remoteregistry start= disabled

Should Remote Registry Service be Enabled or Disabled on a Domain Network.. In my opinion you can disable until said otherwise. I would start with a set of workstations (As tests) and see how applications behave and if you have no problems move to production.. DFS requires Remote Registry.

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In the right-hand pane locate Remote Registry. Define the policy, and set the Startup type to Automatic. Reboot the clients to apply the policy. Windows Server 2008 or Newer Domain Controller. Open the Group Policy editor. Navigate to, Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > System Services.

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Even if you are not or do not care, disable it anyway. Note that print spooler and directory services replication require access through the remote registry service.

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i am told to disable remote registry for security problems. The Remote Registry is a service which I always disable on new installations. C lick the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services, scroll down to Remote Registry and disable it. It is, of course, completely reversible.

NOTE: To Disable Remote Desktop select the Don't allow remote. To enable remote desktop by directly editing the registry use the following.

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